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Robinson is my Brompton P6R that came from a mid-2012 “buy now” eBay sale. The sale info was a bit confusing but I jumped at the chance – & the “can’t resist” price. (It certainly took away the agony of a new purchase in deciding the model, colour, gearing, etc.)

What did I get? a rather tatty & grubby 2008 P3R with manual-change conversion (MTB-gearing, triple crankrings & very short 152mm cranks?), sprung saddle & Brompton B bag & C bag. Oh, & the start of an education into all-things-Brompton? Some TLC, test rides & study of gearing charts lead to ordering parts to turn Robinson into a “2012” P6R with reduced gearing, with Brompton saddle & Pentaclip, firm suspension buffer & Ezy-wheels.

How’s life with Robinson? While my new purchase would probably have been an M6L, I quite like the P bars & I’ve been surprised how the rack does such a good job for rolling (especially with the Ezy-wheels). The 6speed BWR suits my terrain (far better than a 3speed with manual-change cranks) & the quirky shift pattern is an “acquired art” (with a sense of accomplishment?).

Later posts should reveal my Bromptonitis, with tales of upgrades & more?




Ralph is my 2011 Brompton S11E that arrived as an early Christmas gift after being spotted on eBay as a “buy now/offer” & local pickup. Very exciting to get the sale and make the pickup.

What did I get? A little used but well-travelled, grimy & grubby bike with 2 broken spokes in the rear wheel, no rolling wheels on the frame, fitted with a telescopic seatpost, MKS removable pedals & accompanied by a knocked-around hard case. But I’m still delighted – & the price was far below the current retail.

So far I’ve done little riding on Ralph; just enough to check out the 11 speed Alfine gears & great trigger shifter. The rear wheel is being rebuilt with 2-cross lacing (originally had 3-cross lacing?), Brompfication hinge plates & easy wheels are ordered, Presta-equipped tubes are ready to fit & I’ve got a new Kojak to replace the rear tyre (I suspect it was ridden under-inflated too often?)

Before Christmas I should have the tough decision to make; whether to take Ralph or Robinson (my P6R) out on a ride?


First up, some confessions…

  1. Not a genuine Aussie; born in NZ but 45 years in Sydney so close enough?
  2. Now have a 2nd Brompton; probably addicted?
  3. I have other folders (from the pre-Brompton days)
  4. I have other bikes (which aren’t entirely neglected?)
  5. Apple have a lot to answer for?
  6. Blogging is not my profession; just somewhere to store the revelations?