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2017 Seasons Greetings

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a blog post so here goes…

Seasons greetings to all from the Aussie household. May your festivities be merry.

Yes, hardly makes up for the last few tardy months where I’ve failed (so far?) to post anything on our principal outings – ie Dungog PedalFest, Sydney BromptoberFest & the Tasmania Tour. Maybe soon?

2017 Best wishes

The very best of wishes for the New Year to you from the Aussie household. We’ve had a very interesting 2016 year & I’m sure that regular readers of the blog have observed the many outings & happenings of the Brompton family.

The introduction of Ralph-e reminds me that Brompton are also crafting an e-bike so maybe a good time to offer my experience & recommendations?

Accordingly, “a Plea to Mr Brompton…”

I’d like a lightweight mid-drive Pedelec Brompton with torque-sensing BB & on-bike battery storage, easily removable (aircraft-legal, 100Wh module units), but not impinging on luggage capability. I’m also happy to use my local hills for testing of various gearing options, & undertake frequent travel to review in-field scenarios not available to UK residents. (e.g. why wait to get your hot weather testing done?)

Hot & cold feasting

Christmas Day & 33° (no white Christmas around here?) saw a family gathering at the Aussie household.

“Brompton” kept watch for arriving guests…

The feasting included both cold & hot creations…

Some of my goodies included a folding table for the Tardis, a well-ventilated Urban lid & the chance to retain some cork-removal skills?

Oh, & Ralph-e did manage to get out for a local Christmas-lights ride after the Boxing Day recovery!

2016 Best wishes

The very best of wishes for the New Year to you from the Aussie household. It’s been some hours now since the midnight fireworks (& sorry that I didn’t think to include the TV fireworks in the pic) & so time to give serious thought to 2016?  
The WordPress stats helper monkeys sent me an email recently on “My 2015 year in blogging”, in which the fancy, well-documented presentation made sobering reading. “Oh dear! Was that all?”, was my quiet comment with immediate thoughts to do better next year? Accordingly, I offer the following:

NY Resolutions wish-list

  • Brompt lots
  • Blog lots
  • Bowl well
  • Be a gardener

We’ll see…

2015 Seasons greetings

Seasons greetings to all from the Aussie household – & just when I thought I’d be recycling a pic from previous years, along comes Brompton Bicycle with a new Christmas card… 

 Also, Brompton seems to have stopped work for the year & a certain poem came to mind –
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…



It seems that I’m having (or had) to be patient with a number of things lately. Currently it’s the weather around Sydney with storms over the past few days said to be “cyclonic”. Here’s a couple of screen snapshots from an App using BoM data. First is the wind & I cannot really comprehend it. Second is the rain & maybe I could have captured it at more intensive time? (no patience?). Needless to say, my activities have been Brompton-less & Bowls-free. Maybe I can catch up with some blog posts?

For quite some time, my blog posts have been via the WordPress iOS App (nicely mobile, simple & clean?). However, someone had the “brilliant” idea of enhancing the editor & now the iOS App has lots of bells & whistles & easy access to HTML code. Unfortunately the testing seems to be done by field users such as myself & it hasn’t gone well – all what I liked about the earlier editor is replaced by something that’s taken time to learn & attempts to workaround issues or “features”? Eventually WordPress have advised an update is coming (in “about a week”, 2 weeks ago?) & so maybe my patience would be satisfied? (hopefully, yours too?) However, in reviewing App updates I see that I gained the latest WordPress update v5.0 overnight – but so far I am yet to notice any improvement in the issues I encounter? (extending patience…)

Mrs Aussie & I had thoughts of visiting the UK this year & including a BWC appearance (our second). Our travel arrangements are all undertaken by Mrs Aussie & quite some planning & research goes into it. Any enquiries on Brompton’s plans for the event suggested we should be patient (well really, they just said we’d know “soon” but knowing Brompton’s past history for “imminent announcements” didn’t bode well). Then we started to hear tales of an event in an “iconic location” in early August? This could only mean incorporation into London’s major cycling weekend? With time lost for obtaining early bookings for flights, accommodation & car rental, the likelihood of attending BWC2015 was fast disappearing. When the event announcement finally came, it didn’t take much to scrap the whole trip this year. The ballot for entries, the criterium race format & the location logistics were all impractical for us. Yes, we might have been successful for entries but it was going to take more time to know. I’m no speed demon & the race format would probably see me doing half the distance of the leaders? Finally, our experience of the crowds at the FreeCycle event meant a probable loss of the Brompton community atmosphere? (such as occurred at Goodwood & Blenheim Palace?) Maybe Brompton have a secure compound planned? Maybe they…? No, it’s not happening for us this year – fingers crossed for Goodwood next year?

Fun times

Wowee!? Mid-March already!? Doesn’t time fly? This year’s “fun & games” have been rather engrossing but finally it’s time to attempt to catch up on blog postings.

First off, Mrs Aussie is recovering well from her broken elbow (very well, according to the Surgeon) although full rotation & extension will take time. My pre-Christmas elbow infection was slow to disappear & took almost all of January before medications & dressings could cease.

Our ailments didn’t deter our Tardis trip to Adelaide in January. We took along Clarence & Peregrine & took 4 days to drive about 1400km (& the same on return). Our Adelaide accommodation was apartment-based & the Tardis became our lounge-base when driving out to spectate at the Tour Down Under cycling stages (but much more on our escapades in a separate blog post – soon? – refer pic).

Local Brompton activity has been rather limited for various reasons. Lawn bowls is my “excuse” (see below) & for Mrs Aussie, she’s now “back to school” in continuing her Graphics Design degree course. I’m sure there’s a blog post coming on our recent rides? Another posting may say more about the recent Australian Brompton distribution changes (I’m sure there must be a story in there somewhere?) but for those unaware, Kobie Cycling is no longer handling Brompton distribution & there is now a separate Brompton Australia team – with their website being “” (check out all the lovely bikes & parts).

Immediately on return from Adelaide my lawn bowling activities resumed (even before the lawns were attacked?) & club trials for the NSW Pennant season got underway. After 4 weeks of trial games against other clubs, we’re now 3 weeks into the 10-week season. Along with this, my club Singles championships have commenced; first with the Minor Singles (eligible to those who haven’t won a Minor championship previously) & after Easter with the Major Singles. I seem to have been practicing & playing rather a lot lately & still it continues – because I play in the Minor Singles Final next Sunday! Five fun weeks although with increasingly higher stakes? The physical & mental demands in bowling are quite demanding & can be quite some workout. Along with a Triples team tournament last Friday (for which we took home a few hundred dollars for 3rd place!), my last 3 days have involved almost 120 ends of play (5km of walking?) & delivering over 320 bowls (total weight about 500kgs?). All good BWC training?

Serious considerations here, to visiting the UK this year & including the BWC. Unfortunately/frustratingly the news out of Brompton HQ on this year’s (10th anniversary?) race has been zilch (beyond saying they’ll email when plans are announced?). Intriguingly the news from unofficial sources are hinting at an early August date & at an “iconic location” (in London?). Anyone familiar with London cycling events in early August could be raising their eyebrows & starting to speculate? However, we need to “Stay calm & Brompt On” (as Mrs Aussie would say) & so we await the official word…