Monthly Archives: April 2015


It seems that I’m having (or had) to be patient with a number of things lately. Currently it’s the weather around Sydney with storms over the past few days said to be “cyclonic”. Here’s a couple of screen snapshots from an App using BoM data. First is the wind & I cannot really comprehend it. Second is the rain & maybe I could have captured it at more intensive time? (no patience?). Needless to say, my activities have been Brompton-less & Bowls-free. Maybe I can catch up with some blog posts?

For quite some time, my blog posts have been via the WordPress iOS App (nicely mobile, simple & clean?). However, someone had the “brilliant” idea of enhancing the editor & now the iOS App has lots of bells & whistles & easy access to HTML code. Unfortunately the testing seems to be done by field users such as myself & it hasn’t gone well – all what I liked about the earlier editor is replaced by something that’s taken time to learn & attempts to workaround issues or “features”? Eventually WordPress have advised an update is coming (in “about a week”, 2 weeks ago?) & so maybe my patience would be satisfied? (hopefully, yours too?) However, in reviewing App updates I see that I gained the latest WordPress update v5.0 overnight – but so far I am yet to notice any improvement in the issues I encounter? (extending patience…)

Mrs Aussie & I had thoughts of visiting the UK this year & including a BWC appearance (our second). Our travel arrangements are all undertaken by Mrs Aussie & quite some planning & research goes into it. Any enquiries on Brompton’s plans for the event suggested we should be patient (well really, they just said we’d know “soon” but knowing Brompton’s past history for “imminent announcements” didn’t bode well). Then we started to hear tales of an event in an “iconic location” in early August? This could only mean incorporation into London’s major cycling weekend? With time lost for obtaining early bookings for flights, accommodation & car rental, the likelihood of attending BWC2015 was fast disappearing. When the event announcement finally came, it didn’t take much to scrap the whole trip this year. The ballot for entries, the criterium race format & the location logistics were all impractical for us. Yes, we might have been successful for entries but it was going to take more time to know. I’m no speed demon & the race format would probably see me doing half the distance of the leaders? Finally, our experience of the crowds at the FreeCycle event meant a probable loss of the Brompton community atmosphere? (such as occurred at Goodwood & Blenheim Palace?) Maybe Brompton have a secure compound planned? Maybe they…? No, it’s not happening for us this year – fingers crossed for Goodwood next year?


Coastal break

A mid-week stay at MacMasters Beach wasn’t blessed with brilliant weather but still good for getting out & about. Rather too hilly for my riding & so walking to the cafe at the local surf club was popular – & nice for gazing out at big seas?
Lovely beach walk towards Copacabana
Driving to The Entrance & then riding around the lake front is more suitable for me, although with the King tides some areas of cycle path were a case of “Will I or won’t I?” (I didn’t)