Monthly Archives: May 2013

Front luggage options

The Brompton front luggage system is quite brilliant in design & operation. Robinson, my first Brompton, came with a C bag & it gets lots of use. When Ralph, my second Brompton, came along & I also setup the Bromptons with on-board tools & bidon cages, it was time for a second luggage bag – but one of a smaller size.

In my research the Ortlieb Mini-O bag seemed ideal but I found it was a teensy bit small for an iPad. Rather than use this as justification for purchasing an iPad Mini along with a Mini-O bag, I looked at what I could adapt.

I found a handle-bar mount bag that would fit my iPad, camera, etc & then fabricated an alloy adapter plate to attach to the bag’s support system.


On the road it’s been working well. My alloy adapter plate is admittedly now at version 2.3 but I’m pretty happy with it. (Certainly gives me a better appreciation of what goes into the Brompton & Ortlieb bags & frames?)


On-board pedal storage

For when I need to remove the LH removable MKS pedal on the Bromptons, I recently created an on-board storage location for the pedal.


So far, it’s working very nicely. The grommet on the alloy plate holds the pedal axle quite snugly & the setup is easy & convenient in operation (& ensuring I avoid any contact with the often-greasy pedal axle!)

Wiggles & Waggles

I went out today on Ralph, my S11L Brompton, for my monthly “Inner Sydney Explore” that I’d advertised on the Facebook page for the Brompton Bicycle Club Sydney, & was accompanied by 2 other Brompton owners. Fran had her P6R-X & Louise was having her maiden ride on “Waggles”, a brand spanking new S6R. We hadn’t met previously but it was “old times sake” for Fran’s bike & mine – we found that they were both ex-Wiggles Bromptons (ie formerly owned by a member of the kid’s group, The Wiggles!)

So, there we were, touring Inner Sydney on 2 Wiggles & a Waggle…