Monthly Archives: December 2022

A contrast in blacks

With all the mods & tweaks to BB (my S6L-X super lightweight black Brompton), I realized that the only component original & unmodified was now the steel mainframe! Also, that meant my parts bin contained almost enough to build a complete Brompton – what I needed was an extra mainframe! Time to try a Ti mainframe? – & to resurrect Ralph for resale? (Ralph being my original S11E Alfine 11spd device that I’d decided really didn’t suit my current medical state & became the basis for the rebuild into the 8kg 6spd BB.)

So, an order was made for a Ti mainframe (from Ti39) & it was a simple & quick job to transfer everything onto the new frame. A glossy black 2mm tube affair, it seemed an impressive piece of art? Onto the scales & the complete Brompton weight is 7.4kg. As for a name, I thought it time to retire BB & go for BromTi (after all, some would say it’s not a “real Brompton” anymore?).

Once I’d stripped the steel mainframe for Ralph, the rebuild commenced; a slower affair, as every single component had to be installed (unlike the many whole assemblies transferred to the new frame). As I didn’t expect to be using Ralph, I decided to stick with an all-steel setup & with a Brooks saddle, Ergon grips, Marathon tyres & a new set of mudguards. All up, Ralph now weighs 13.1kg.

PS: An unexpected outcome has been the claiming of Ralph by Mrs Aussie – sheesh! another Brompton around the place!?