Whoa is me!

I stopped short of heading out on this month’s “Inner Sydney Explore” Brompton ride because, well it looked rather nasty. Rain & winds aren’t my favourite & I figured it would probably be a solo ride anyway. The ride attempts to educate me about all the latest inner city routes that have developed & I really needed to ensure a non-soggy map. Of course it’s always good to see other Bromptons out & about & maybe the rides will help anyone needing a bit of encouragement?

I suspected Sunday was not going to be a good day to be out on Ralph –


We’ll see what Sunday, July 7 brings; it should be my last chance for a couple of months while the Bromptons (& us) head to the UK & the Brompton World Champs. It’s not something I can be competitive in but I’m expecting to enjoy the trip & probably meet-up with lots of Brompton owners – & especially the Facebook Group of London Brompton Club members?


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