Singapore fan

I like Singapore – although my visits have been few & just shortish flight stop-overs. An ideal stop-over before our UK trip: as in Australia, RHD vehicles & lots of English spoken? Sadly I’m not sure when or if there will be a repeat, as this one was booked prior to the Qantas/Emirates tie-up & it seems that Dubai is the new Singapore for Qantas Aust/Europe flights (maybe I should say no more until I encounter a Dubai stop-over on the way back to Australia?).

I was almost blown-away by the hotel breakfast on the first morning. Well. yes the food was good but I encountered a gale when entering the serving/seating area. Looking up, there was probably the fastest, biggest, most-bladed fan I think I’m ever likely to see! Having a closer look, I noticed the name on the body. Later, for curiosity I thought I’d Google it to learn more. Just as the website selection was starting, my hotel WiFi login screen was presented (again?). Once (re-)agreeing to the terms & conditions I found that another search returned nothing anything remotely like it!? Momentarily puzzled, I then realised the WiFi was filtering out my search term (too offensive?). Oh well, I’ll resume my search for “Big *ss Fans” on another leg of the journey.

Ralph & Robinson seem to have survived the journey unscathed – as far as I can feel? They’ve remained bagged so far – owing to the shortness of stay? – & even though a Brompton is a great way to get around, seeing the Singapore sights involves a lot of looking up! Also, the weather is mostly “hot & steamy” & I gather that good riding times here are very early & very, very late – times inconvenient for now?

The last day of the stay here is Monday & that’s an opening day for the Singapore Brompton dealer, “Mighty Velo” (closed Sunday & Tuesday?). I shall try to find this little shop; sounds appealing by what I’ve read?


One thought on “Singapore fan

  1. Vivian 23/07/2013 at 15:02 Reply

    HI Ian, thank you very much for taking time to find our little store at Lavender Street (Singapore). You will have a fabulous time at BWC! It always never fails to thrill and excite Bromptoneers from all over the world, like a pilgrimage one must make at least once. Enjoy the race and the balmy weather!

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