So long London

Spending time in London is always entertaining, somewhat addictive & definitely wearying. Whatever time you schedule will not be enough & so it was for this nine-day stay. Our activities comprised RideLondon cycling & the Brompton factory visit (blog posts on both) & also more cycling, museum visits, city walks & shopping. Rather than write lots, here’s some pics & observations –

The Waterloo train station bike rack was a mystery. Where were the owners? where & when did the bikes get used? was it a half-way stage before the owners jumped onto BorisBikes?

The BorisBikes rental system covers the central London area & has many, many docking stations. We didn’t use it but seems an impressive setup & good for regular transport around London. Has an access charge but as long as the rides are under 30mins then it’s free for you to just keep on bike-swapping at any of the docks.

Drivers are amazingly patient & observant for anything partially blocking their lane & the lane on the opposite side of the road. Makes being a mobile chicane & any minimal-sized onroad bike lane use a bit more confidence-inspiring – along with the “bike boxes” at the head of the traffic light queues?

Had a ride along the Great Union Canal & as ever, loved checking out the locks.

Great Windsor Park is great for riding, great in size & minimal traffic – but the “Long Walk” area has an unusual rule.

Pre-London but a ride on the Centurion Way reminded me of the delightful sculptures to be encountered on rail-trails.

Moving day Friday & time to say “So long London, hello Wiltshire”, as we continue our push northwards…


One thought on “So long London

  1. The Brompton Diarist 24/08/2013 at 22:48 Reply

    Fascinating peek at bikes in London — and really enjoy the shot of Mrs. Aussie, whose example I have shared with Mr. Diarist. (Mr. D has yet to purchase his own Brompton.)

    That Waterloo rack is a revelation; I’ve seen nothing close to those numbers of bikes collected in one area in the USA.

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