Edinburgh sights

Heading into Scotland for the final leg of our UK trip, with a week or so in Edinburgh, it looked like our “good weather luck” was due to finish? It certainly turned out wetter & colder than the previous 7 weeks but no complaints. Probably a good start along the road to Scotland was this “small full English breakfast” (I shudder to think what the menu’s larger version was like?)


The weather didn’t spoil any shopping trips & our inner-city Studio flat was ideally placed for lots of browsing. The BeSpoke Brompton dealer display was looking good for a picture – & then a customer added his M6R to it.


Lots of Tweed to look at? (everything from head to foot plus accessories)


Our visit coincided with the traditional “Riding of the Marches”, where about 250 horses are ridden into Edinburgh & finishing along the Royal Mile & up to the castle.



Walking the streets of Edinburgh & observing the historic buildings is a memorable past-time?



2 thoughts on “Edinburgh sights

  1. The Brompton Diarist 29/09/2013 at 00:12 Reply

    Seems a bit silly that here in North America I’m sad to see your trip end — it’s been great to see Ralph and Robinson exploring, and your excellent photographs all along the way!

    • Aussie on a Brompton 29/09/2013 at 10:56 Reply

      Ta Brommie, this travel blogging has been fun although rather hard to fit in at times. Weekly appraisals & selecting a few photos for a post or two has seemed workable & it’s surprising how many “stayathomes” have appreciated them. It’s certainly an easier way to remember a trip (than trolling photos alone) & so it seems I need to keep it up? (the Bits & Tweaks cannot sustain me entirely now)

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