Back to the nest

Things looked fairly good when arriving home from our UK trip. However, a look into the backyard showed that a Brush Turkey had taken over & scratched leaves, twigs, garden mulch & plantings (& weeds) into a large nest mound alongside our compost heap & bins. Judging by daily activity to maintain the nest, eggs have now been laid & buried within the nest & we await their incubation & arrival of chicks.


Ralph & Robinson survived the trip & after a few days rest, allowed us to gently stretch our legs around Olympic Park & Parramatta River. A cafe Brunch (sweet potato cakes, asparagus, greens & poached eggs) was a contrast to a certain “full English breakfast” partaken recently along the road to Edinburgh? A match to the weather?



2 thoughts on “Back to the nest

  1. The Brompton Diarist 07/10/2013 at 02:44 Reply

    So now it will be a different set of adventures — and a backyard of turkey chicks!

    That’s a lovely breakfast, and kind to the eyes. (I’m not sure my arteries have recovered from your shot of that all-too-memorable one in Edinburgh!)

    • Aussie on a Brompton 07/10/2013 at 10:27 Reply

      Unknown territory for us, but we may never see the chicks. They should dig themselves out fully feathered & be gone within hours. The birds are continually on the move, sometimes in groups (we’ve had 8 at times), & so we’ll watch for “fresh arrivals” & then can probably reclaim the compost heap?
      Apologies Brommie, for the uncensored breakfast pic (there is another pic showing 2 empty plates – we surprised ourselves – but it doesn’t have the same impact). And to think that the “full English brekkie” is the staple diet for B&Bs…

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