Back on track

One month?! We’ve been back from the UK for a month & hadn’t take the Tardis (our VW T5 Campervan) for a trip out of Sydney! With a wedding anniversary coming up, what better way to celebrate than to load the Bromptons, Ralph & Robinson, into the Tardis & head back to Toowoon Bay (the site for our first “shake-down” trip in the Tardis) for a couple of days? The Sydney bush fires were making things rather smoky & somewhat dodgy for what roads may be open but arriving on the coast to a cool sea breeze was a good start.


Cruising along the lakefront cycle paths from The Entrance to Chittaway Bay has gotten even better since we were here last, with a lot more concrete pathway & less need to resort to local roads to link the sections of path. The various bridges over creeks & watercourses have come in for some attention although the wooden planks on 2 larger bridges may be still akin to cobblestones? Here’s Ralph resting on one of the good bridges.


A beach walk is mandatory for a trip to the coast – as is a coffee stop at a Surf Lifesaving Club.



Lots of eating places around (aside from the gourmet cook that operates out of the Tardis?) but returning to the local Pizza Kitchen was a must. This time our Mains were pasta – but we shared a pizza dessert.




2 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Mick Blackman 25/10/2013 at 15:43 Reply

    It looks like another world, sunshine, warm, on holiday, riding your B’s, I don’t envy you at all, (Stop telling fibs Mick, you know you’d rather be there) Lol.

    I hope you have a wonderful anniversary together and do something really special.

    Be safe, have fun, and show your love for each other each and every day.

    Be safe My Friends.


    • Aussie on a Brompton 25/10/2013 at 23:01 Reply

      Thanks Mick, it certainly was a nice couple of days at a nice location, although other duties prevented an extension – maybe soon but then lots of competition for trips? eg next month we head further north (& apologies in advance of the blog post)

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