One from abroad

It’s been an anxious week. When would CheekyTransport advise that “Wotsitsname” was ready for pickup? Yes, the new Brompton S6E for Mrs Aussie was eagerly awaited & all we’d had was an email after the order to say the new bike was on the way… Hell, how do people cope with the B-Spoke order time-frame?

Eventually I took the decision to phone the busy boys at CheekyT & ease the planning concerns for the week. A couple of days later, I phoned to confirm the Brompton was ready & the journey commenced…

The Brompton pickup was pretty quick & then it was off for a celebratory coffee stop. Once home, the new Brompton was quickly unloaded & welcomed, admired, inspected & test ridden. (As for my attire on the day, Mrs Aussie produced this T-shirt as a Christmas pressie.)


Mrs Aussie does seem rather pleased with her new flat-bar 6-speed bike & I’m certainly envious (although there’s probably no sympathy for me, as Ralph (my own flat-bar Alfine 11-speed Brompton) is a buzz).

Just when I thought the “Wotsitsname” name may have been final, it seems the new Brompton is to be called “Peregrine”. (Now that I’ve consulted Wikipedia I’m quite impressed – although it certainly shows up my lack of imagination with names?)

So here we are – first flight of Peregrine…



4 thoughts on “One from abroad

  1. Mick Blackman.B. 26/01/2014 at 05:25 Reply

    Another great blog Sir, I’m hoping that Mrs.M. Is pleased with the purchase, it sure looks a nice addition to your collection. Please send my best regards to The Boss Indoors.

  2. Raymond Wu Won 27/01/2014 at 15:24 Reply

    Only about a week or so to wait for a stock model? You’re right there’s plenty of lost sleep over the B-Spoke wait – mine is currently at exactly 12 weeks (today being a public holiday won’t help)! “Bee-Brompton” (Blogspot) in the UK also ordered his in November (but about a week after me) and got it after only around 8 weeks, so the apparent distribution time of a an extra month to Australia is interesting.

    But ah; my attempted patience shall hopefully be rewarded this week after a call to my bike shop on Friday confirmed that it is finally in the city and should be with their workshop very soon!

    • Aussie on a Brompton 29/01/2014 at 22:43 Reply

      Hoping you’ve had some good news by now Raymond? What bike spec did you order?
      Our Brompton stock bike took a week from order to pickup but in fact the bike was at the dealer within a few days – but they were busy & it took another couple of days to be prepped.

      • Raymond Wu Won 31/01/2014 at 00:12

        Oh yes – pretty much 12 weeks and a day – I picked it up on Wednesday “Christmas” morning and have been quite busy, with it being so delightful-beyond-short-words and all. At least now I can get some good sleep!

        M6R (lowered), Raw Lacquer (it was either this or black), Marathon Greenguard tyres, SON hub & light set, C bag (not as ugly or bulky as I initially feared; very useful with all the compartments which I sorely needed), B bag, cover & saddle bag, eazy wheels (don’t see how one could practical-Brompton without them…), default saddle and firm suspension. For the suspension, I fall well below the recommended “threshold” but think I’ve made the right choice, having been used to a $450 no-suspension flat bar hybrid for 2.5 years); it feels very fine and reassuring to me (actively countersteering still helps with that). Interestingly, I’m also a little below the maximum recommended height for the standard seat post; but am doing well with it at full extension. I’ll experiment with fore and aft adjustments a little later.

        A lot of the uncertainty through the whole process included the hope that I made the right “theoretical” choices without a huge amount of “experimentation” before ordering (Brompton blogs such as yours certain helped). Seeing that there are desktop computers and other vehicles that can cost much more with immediate depreciation, I’m very happy with the results after taking the plunge!

        I’ve posted two pics of it on the wall of and will also try for a detailed write up soon (once I get a few more different glides in).

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