Good while it lasted

Blowout (while stopped), retired One, re-tyred Kojak

Minimal road use, refitted 5-6 times on various wheels


One thought on “Good while it lasted

  1. Brommie 12/11/2021 at 03:36 Reply

    That’s an impressive (if unhappy) failure! I’ve been meaning to comment to tell you how much I enjoy seeing your posts, even if they are infrequent. It’s always a pleasure to know that you, and your marvelous Bromptons, are still on the road!

    Out of an abundance of caution I’ve not ridden my beloved Brompton, Basil, since the start of Covid. (Can’t trust myself not to take untoward chances on the bike I trust so well!) I’ve taken up riding an Italian folding tricycle, which has turned out to be a wonderful thing while I’m doing all I can to avoid falls. (I’ve put the link in the details below, if you’re curious.)

    Best wishes to you and yours!

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