Hard work

This travel lark is rather hard work. Getting into London at 5am after a 13hour BA flight (on which I inherited a broken headphone socket & a super-hard seat squab) was the start of a wearying day. Heathrow added a little amusement with a gift “Celebrating a very special new arrival” but we weren’t fooled; it was for Will & Kate’s new arrival, not ours.


Next up was the rental car pickup & a few hours later we were done! Done with Europcar, that’s for sure! Long queues & sales tactics were not fun. Maybe we just got the sales agent from hell? Repeated upgrade attempts, lots of scare tactics for the heavy-handed “wear & tear” demands, confusion about phone contacts during our travel (turns out that Europcar want to keep tabs on our mileage – but we booked for “unlimited”?). Eventually we got to drive away in our “Golf or equivalent” Kia Cee’d Eco – with bike bags split between the boot & back seat (in Australia I’d checked that the Bromptons would fit in the boot of a Golf; fingers crossed with the unpacking for this one?)

Early arrival hotel check-in was completed & then a freshen-up before heading off to acquire 3G Sims for iPads & iPhones. Having researched carriers & Sim availability, it was interesting that we needed to find an O2 shop to get what we needed (rather than expect product knowledge at multi-carrier outlets?).

Day one then moved to wind-down mode, with a great pizza & Aussie red wine at the hotel – & then into a lovely comfy bed!

Day two saw the unpacking of Ralph & Robinson from their Vincita bags & accompanying clothing/padding? Ralph’s only issue was the mudguard stays needed a slight tweak to get tyre clearance again. Robinson with a rack had no mudguard issues (not even the front) but – oh no, a “bent ear”!? (ie rear frame roller wheel support) I’d pushed the seat post well down below the level of the Eazy-wheels but… (next time, remove the roller wheels?)

The Bromptons fit into the Kia’s boot (still can’t think of a name for the car?) was just ok; the rear wheel arches intruded & made things rather tight but we were “ok to go!”


One thought on “Hard work

  1. Mick Blackman 26/07/2013 at 20:26 Reply

    Hi Guys, excellent news that you got here safe and well.
    I’ll be at Goodwood on both days, so I’ll see you there.
    Be safe, and speak tomorrow in person.

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