Kanga squeeze

A name for our UK rental Kia Cee’d Eco has been suggested as Kanga (maybe related to my driving?). Without any driving manual supplied, I’ve resisted the urge to try reading any info off the Internet & just make do with some “on-the-job” training. Interesting little car, a turbo diesel manual with an “Eco mode” that turns off the engine when stationary, out of gear & with clutch out – but turns the engine back on when depressing the clutch. The dash is a maze of warning lights, gauges & dials & something new is noticed every day. Also, the first night-time drive was confusing, with varying light levels noticed before realising that there were directional lights that came on when the wheels were turned. I’m guessing we’ll learn more as we go along?


The important question was whether it would fit our Bromptons in the boot (as we’d booked a VW Golf after testing the Brompton fit – but realised that we may receive “an equivalent”). I’m pretty sure that the boot is smaller overall (especially with the rear wheel arches intruding?) but things fit. My initial loading determined that the saddles were best located in the outer rear corners & with a slight overlap of the wheels. Once in our first cottage stay, I rearranged things by folding up one of the bike bags & placing it to one side, then putting Ralph on an angle on top, with the saddle turned 90° & nestling into the end of the bike bag (& both removable pedals taken off). Robinson was then placed on the same angle beside Ralph, with the saddle resting on Ralph’s folded front wheel (with some padding between). On daily trips the Bromptons ride along in the boot (wearing their covers, if necessary), while helmets, bags, etc are carried in the cabin (& the 2nd bike bag is left in the cottage).


When space is at a premium when moving on to the next of our weekly cottage stays, we can cover the Bromptons & place luggage bags & helmets in the boot & carry the 2nd bike bag folded up behind one of the seats. I could probably carry the Bromptons & all luggage in a number of ways but this setup lets the bikes stay out of sight. The urge to upgrade to a larger car is best avoided, with dearer rentals, high fuel costs & no doubt many narrow lanes to negotiate?



One thought on “Kanga squeeze

  1. The Brompton Diarist 29/07/2013 at 01:30 Reply

    Interesting little car, though I’m not sure “Golf equivalent” is justified. Clever packing on your part, and useful tips for anyone who becomes a two-Brompton family. (Taking notes here!)

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