Chicks away

7:30 am this morning I spotted two Brush Turkey chicks around the nest established in the backyard during our UK absence. Finally, the daily visits from Poppa, or Mr Brush Turkey, may be at an end? No more tending the nest, checking the temperature, redistributing leaf litter, twigs, branches, rocks & whatever his claws would flick up, no more attacks on the remaining garden to refresh the material over this last 2 months?

Hoping to capture some pics I headed out with the camera, just in time to see them break cover one by one & scamper towards the local bush.


Next minute, there was Poppa strutting up to inspect the nest! Over the next hour or so, he dug into the nest at particular points, & dug & dug! At times, so far in that only his tail showed. (Our assumption was that he was checking for any remaining eggs?) Eventually he was done & gone; would he return?


Having sighted more than one hen visiting the nest, we had wondered over what period of time chicks may be hatching? Now it seems that all the activity is over & we’ve inherited a demolished nest & considerably more compost material than we started with! Looks like we can reclaim the compost heap & rebuild the garden & lawns? Well, some day soon?



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