Idealic week

While spending just over a week at South West Rocks we devoured all the local “what’s on” material & I noticed a brochure referring to SWR as “an idealic location…”. At the time I imagined the real estate jargon was mangling various words into a new one & it seemed quite appropriate. Later I discovered the urban dictionary definitions of “to be thinking of many good & bad ideas” or “close to or somewhat alike”. Now I am confused as to whether I’d seen a boo-boo or a secret message?

We’ve visited SWR a number of times & quite like the small town feel but with all the facilities that are essential in a beachside location. This time we were bringing along Mrs Aussie’s mum in the Tardis, our VW T5 Campervan, for some sunny beach days & swimming. We’d booked a beach house & were also looking forward to some local cycling & expected to support many of the surrounding eating houses.

Leaving Sydney on time suddenly became difficult when the heavens opened & drowned my lawn bowling club greens on the day of my Novice Singles championship final.


With the match postponed to the next day, we resolved that I would remain at home for the game & catch an XPT country train the next day, & be picked up from a station along the journey to SWR. A proper “urban idealic” situation? Aside from being delayed over an hour with a mechanical issue, all went well for my (overdue) first XPT trip. Not a true long distance train, it still had all the features: sleeper berths, first class & economy seating choices, buffet car, etc.



Unfortunately my ignorance of the “buffet car” vs “restaurant car” differences came as a surprise & disappointment when looking to sit down with a meal – hence the return to my seat with a snack!?


Arriving at our rental beach house, we weren’t sure who was more surprised: us or our lawn mower/gardener?


We confined our cycling to shorter trips, eg taking in the local sights via Mungo & Daisy.


I ventured to the Country Club a number of times on Mungo to undertake more research into bias & weight control of lawn bowls. “Very fast greens” was my reaction during games & practice sessions! Many thanks guys, for the borrowed equipment & game-time – & I loved the mini-fridges on each of the rinks!


Beach visits were the intention of the holiday trip & we certainly managed some days of sun, sand & water (balanced with a couple of days of rain?). Here’s a “beach walk following rain” pic, also showing in the distance, the historic ruins of the Trial Bay Gaol.


A visit to Crescent Head showed we weren’t the only ones with a VW T5. Probably saw about 10 (& the odd original Kombi) & amongst their numbers were these T4 & T5 models with home-made camper setups.


Some interesting sights during the week with “the Mum” – & sounds! The breakfast toast & coffee-making were a sight to behold although quite understandable with new or different equipment to work with? (Ah, the challenge of travel…?) A “testing” of the smoke alarm was rather/very ear-splitting & so memorable was her response to what happens at home? – “I just run outside with it [the alarm]…”.

“Next time” I’ll be prepared with all my bowls equipment (& expect Robinson’s (M6R) luggage carrying capability to be employed), hope to do more cycling, should do those bush walks, must get to some more of the restaurant & cafés – & drink more coffee?


BTW, my lawn bowls final was also “idealic”: good weather, close result, but just the runner-up prize money!


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