GoPro is go

Santa has a lot to answer for! My recent pressie of a GoPro was mentioned in an earlier blog post & I really did think that a video posting would soon follow? In reality things weren’t so simple & I’ve been surprised at everything that needed arranging. Yes, another of those “How hard can it be?…” moments!

Newly opening the GoPro box gives a hint of what happens next; searching for suitable adapters to mount the GoPro on the flat bars of my Brompton! Once the mounting was resolved (including being able to fold the Brompton with GoPro in place) it was time to get some footage! Oh dear, now I’ve learned about mount stability & slippage issues when encountering “less-than-ideal” road conditions, driveways, etc. Lots of test rides resolved the probable resolution for the camera & indicated that my thoughts of videoing “anywhere & everywhere” to be impractical – it’s probably best to avoid motion-sickness for any viewers from rough conditions & slow steep climbs?!

Reviewing the videos captured then started to highlight the production issues in producing reasonable output. As with my blogging, I’m wanting to keep the processing simple & mobile; my iPad & iPhone are the weapons of choice. With the GoPro creating videos in mp4 format & being able to transfer them readily, I’m hoping to leave my Mac computers out of the process completely. (Prior experience in transferring video from older cameras & using powerful video editing software has me keen to keep things simple & mobile & work around any limitations that the iPad & iPhone will present.)

So, time for a serious look at iMovie on the iPad & see what it can do? Well, it’s taken a while but I can report that I’m reasonably comfortable so far & pretty confident that I can produce something suitable! Next step was to resolve how to present any videos within the blog. So many choices/requirements but I decided to use YouTube for housing the video & linking any blog post to it. Whoops, another chunk of time taken up getting the correct setup & making sense of what I need!

Finally it’s time for a blog post & YouTube link! I should point out that it’s very underwhelming but just a first step for future ideas. I hope you understand. Here’s my little test video


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