Shoes matter

Clipless pedals are a bit of an addiction for me (perhaps a form of “security blanket”?). I can bear flat pedals for short distances but they feel so lacking & strange? (something like driving a car without the seat belt fastened?) The forms of clipless pedals are many but my preference for general cycling is the dual-sided SPD-compatible type.

Yes, I’ve tried Shimano SPD-SL road pedals but the flipping thing (to get the pedals flipped while moving off, in order to clip the shoes in) wasn’t for me. It didn’t seem sensible when I’d had years of SPD experience. The solidity of road bike cleat systems are great & for my road bike I moved to dual-sided Speedplay Zero pedals but like any road clipless systems the “walkability factor” is limiting.

The range of SPD-compatible shoes is pretty limited. The original & common type is the MTB shoe & most are “colourful” (some would say garish?). Comfort for walking always seems fine for me – at least for the distance off the bike that I’m happy with? Some (such as Mrs Aussie?) find walking in SPD-compatible shoes to be really uncomfortable – but my response that they should try road shoes wouldn’t be appreciated! The stiffness of the sole is necessary for cycling but tends to limit the walkability.

Style range is pretty limited & would seem to be an untapped market? (hint hint?) I guess there’s never going to be one shoe that suits all people, uses & occasion & I get by with 3 shoe types. My original MTB shoes get minimal use these days because of my Keen sandals & if I need something more presentable then there’s my Hasus shoes.



2 thoughts on “Shoes matter

  1. Peter 12/05/2017 at 23:12 Reply

    How do you find the Hasus shoes off the bike? Are those the VTG-04 MTB version?

    • Aussie on a Brompton 13/05/2017 at 00:14 Reply

      Hi Peter. Yes, I believe my Hasus shoes are the VTG04 model (assuming there’s been no changes over the years?). Actually, my pedal preference has lately moved back to the Brompton folding pedals (more relaxed riding? slower per medical condition?) so the Hasus only get used for “style rides” (Tweed or Suit rides?). However, this experience could probably lead me to say that the Hasus comfort is ok when clipped in but not so good when walking or using them with flat pedals. I think the pronounced MTB-lugs put too much pressure onto the narrowish sole width? (something I never had any issues when using my old Nike MTB shoes?). Hope that all makes sense.

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