This weekend will be a sort of “back to school” for me, as I’m heading for the Sydney WordCamp event –

WordCamp Sydney September 27-28, 2014

Taking some words from the Xen.Com.Au website, WordPress can be explained as “…a very popular CMS (Content Management System) which powers hundreds of thousands of websites around the world. As well as the free version, which allows you to start blogging quickly and easily without any experience, there’s an ‘installed’ version which is hosted on a server of your choosing.”

So, with my interest in blogging I decided to attend WordCamp 2014 to see what the “User Track” portion of the schedule had to offer (while leaving the “Tech Track” for the serious/professional/techie” types?) –

My WordPress blog has been an interesting “occupation” for me & I’m not expecting WordCamp to inspire any layout re-designs (although, who knows?). My blog update processing aims are to “keep it simple” & WordCamp could be an interesting time?


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