Fun & value weekend

WordCamp Sydney 2014

My attendance over the weekend at WordCamp Sydney 2014 was definitely interesting, fun & exceptional value. The organisers did a wonderful job & claimed an event cost of over $30K?! For this WordPress & many sponsors gave us great value, with a minimal charge & lots of goodies, food, drink & entertainment. Nearly forgot; WiFi throughout was great (my 3G provider lost the lecture room battle).

With my WordPress interest centering mainly on my WordPress-hosted blog, I sensibly avoided the “Tech Track” portion of the 2 streams & concentrated on the “User Track” events. After all, PHP programming & Plugin expertise don’t really cut-it for me, when WordPress do all my heavy work & I just pump in tales such as this? Some of the User Track talks were still out of my range but who knows? A user-hosted WordPress site sounds very appealing & straight-forward if I were gravitate beyond my free (& mildly customisable) setup?

Overall, the user talks gave lots of food for thought (eg perils of PDFs, passions of WordPress support, pushing your Profile, etc) & also provided plenty of confirmation of my own operations – maybe “Keeping it clean & simple via iPad/iPhone updates” could be my talk next time?

Did I mention the food? Snacks every break & lunches provided

My passion for coffee was satisfied by a WordCamp-funded coffee cart at the door. Indoors, “the Bearded Roaster” put on quite a show of how to do it right (with his own beans)

Walking in to WordCamp on Sunday was accompanied by many extremely well-dressed motor bike riders. Their toots & waves were appreciated but probably aimed at this couple helping to guide them through the city?

Many thanks to WordPress & all the organisers. See you at the monthly WordPress Meetups? (3 locations around Sydney)


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